Wednesday, 15 December 2010


'He wasn't born bad,' said Trefusis Minor of the arch-villain and unlikely hero of Megamind, 'He just ended up in the wrong place.' It felt like a curiously philosophical observation for a six year old, but in Megamind's case, it's literally true.

Megamind is, apparently, Trefusis Minor's 'best film ever ever', and I thoroughly enjoyed it too - Dreamworks see it as a technological breakthrough because it's the first time anyone's ever managed to make a cloak look convincing in a cartoon, but I think Trefusis Minor and I liked it for its super-hero vs super-villain derring-do, and the way that the good end happily, and the bad end - well - having learned in the nicest possible way that crime doesn't pay.

Megamind is on nationwide release.


Ania said...

I haven't seen this one, but if you and Trefusis Minor like cartoons, I can heartily recommend Despicable Me :)

Lady Jennie said...

We'll have to see this too. My son is getting How to Train a Dragon for Christmas after your recommendation. Or rather Trefusis Minor's.

clothing said...

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