Thursday, 22 November 2012


A London Winter is typically miserable - its chilly without being properly cold, and drizzling and dank: a flabby kind of temperature that plays havoc with my hair and sense of humour.

Relief is a three and a half hour flight and a three hour taxi ride away - I left a dismal west London at 9.30 and by seven I was in a tshirt having dinner in Essaoueria - close enough to the Sahara to enjoy temperatures in the seventies in late November, and close enough to London to make a long weekend make sense.

What can I say, it's blissful. After a morning touring the charms of the ancient port and medina, I retired with a book to a sun lounger on the roof of the Riad for an hour. Dorothy, we're not in London anymore.


Helena Halme said...

Oh, can you beam me up there now, Scotty? Have a great holiday. Hx

Alison Cross said...

oooh you must tell us all about the food as I seem to have become obsessed with middle-eastern fud. I keep buying Ottolenghi books and just reading them. Never cooking from them :-D

Enjoy your holibags!

Ali x

Adelle (the Fashionista Lab) said...

I live in San Francisco and spent 10 days in Morocco in 2010. I loved it there, and wish I lived closer! I think maybe living in Paris and weekending in Essouaira would work ;)


Joan said...

London 9.30am, Morocco 7pm, now that's what I call a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sounds blissful