Friday 26 April 2013


I'm very pleased to be writing a blog for The Prime of Mrs Trefusis.

Here's my first post:

'My Mummy is the most beautiful of all the mummies.' said the Tiniest Trefusis to her best friend when I picked her up from school last week. By any objective aesthetic benchmark, I am very far from the foxiest creature at the gates of the Lycée, surrounded as I am by a sea of Moncler-clad young Mamans, all of whom are part Beatrice Dalle, part Charlotte Gainsbourg in their long-haired, long-legged lissomness, their inimitable Gallic chic making me feel eccentrically British by comparison. [to read more, click here....]

I'm going to try to post there every week (and I'll put the post up here as well) - at least, that's the intention, but as regular readers of this blog will know, the road to hell is mostly paved with my good intentions...