Friday 5 June 2015

The Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta

I worked at Harper's Bazaar for nearly ten years before going out on my own and miss everybody because it's a magazine I love and I had great friends. However, I'm doing lots of work for a company called Boat international Media who have the leading magazine for Superyacht owners, and also do lots of amazing events so life after Bazaar has its compensations. One of their annual events is the Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta in Porto Cervo - it's a series of races for big sailing superyachts and it's incredibly competitive but also enormous fun. I followed the racing today on a lovely hybrid tender - the electric motor makes it incredibly quiet as you pull out of the marina and into the open sea and we watched the start of racing before going off to a beautiful quiet cove for a picnic. We watched the end of the race, then joined the owners back at the yacht club Costa Smerelda. One of my favourite yachts is called Marie - looks like a nineteen twenties ketch on the water but below the waterline it's built like an America's cup racer and it slices through the water incredibly fast - it also has a baby grand below deck and the owner likes to play Mozart in light seas and Wagner if the conditions are heavier. He also fires a shot when he crosses the start and finish of a race from a canon that was built for the Anglo French wars in the West Indies in the beginning of the nineteenth century.
It's enormously glamorous and huge fun and such a privilege to be part of it. The day ended with a party at Phi Beach, watching the sun go down on a perfect day.