Friday, 24 January 2014

24th January. 30 Red Lipsticks. Bobbi Brown.

24th January
I have what has been unkindly described as an obsessive compulsive thing for red lipstick - when last I wrote about it I had fifteen, two years later a quick count suggests the total is now twenty-seven. 

It's so hard with red lipstick - they're so nuanced, and at least half the lipstick proliferation is down to the different colours my hair has been lately - what works as a Hitchcock blonde doesn't work when Julie-Anne Moore red.... Tom Ford's Wilful has been a recent favourite - sheer yet deeply pigmented which seems quite a feat, and I like the intensity and silkiness of the newish Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope range. 

Anyway, today, twenty-seven became thirty, with the addition of three delicious Bobbi Brown lipsticks in promisingly glamorous shades: Hollywood Red, Old Hollywood & Burnt Red (very promising shade - not too blue).

I'm going to wear red lipstick every day next week and see if it causes comment. 

I apologise as usual for the iPhone camera, though please give me points for attempting to arrange them. I know, Alexey Brodovich it ain't.

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Gappy said...

Sigh. The perfect red lipstick is something that continues to elude me. I have tried many. But alas, either they are too blue, or too orange, or too... just not quite right.

Mac, Dior, Chanel; I've tried them all. But not Bobbi Brown...