Saturday, 22 February 2014


The Princess and the Gardener (by the Tiniest Trefusis, as dictated to Trefusis Minor)

There was once a lovely king and queen carring for all there kingdom .The beautiful queen sadly died for when the birth of an adorable dauther  there comes sickness and horor.20 years after the trajik accident the king full of sadness  married
Viola Marsh the duchess who for one was a beautiful  though such a mean and nasty women.
The king’s only reason to marry Viola was money. The Queen ordered the princess Georgina to rub all the plates, to polish and clean all the Royal kitchens. The Princess couldn’t help herself, she wanted to say ‘no’ but if she refused an order from her mother her father would not be proud and he would get cross. And so all the servants every night wouldn’t do their job, they would sit down at table and eat three meals a day and so Georgina would have to do all the work herself and keep rubbing and rubbing all the plates with her hands and one day when she was twenty one she didn’t even get to celebrate. One day because her hands were so red and sore of rubbing, she ran out into the garden where she met John the gardener and John the gardener said ‘It’s ok come and live in the garden with me.’ And then when the Queen found out that the princess wasn’t rubbing the plates, she ordered at once the gards to arrest them and throw then in the dungeon. But then John’s friend Tom the Shooter told Georgina and John the Guards were coming and so John and Georgina sailed away and got married in Corsica and became the King and Queen of the island. The End.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to know what influences (stories/books/dvds/films)feed the fertile imagination of the Trefusis children.

I am impressed with their skills.


Helen Brocklebank said...

I'm pretty sure it's an uneasy mash up of Grimm's Fairy Tales and Disney. It's the usual mix of horrid Stepmothers and being rescued from housework...

george tannenbaum said...

Really brought a tear to my eyes. So lovely, warm and innocent.