Thursday, 3 April 2014


Yes, yes, the usual apologies apply - after a decent start to the year, I've reverted to my old ways, and have failed to post anything of note. Work has eaten my soul, and the tiny amount of discretionary time I have, I've devoted to the pursuit of narcissism, dressed up as health, and thrown myself hell for leather into the ETC programme at a gratifyingly upscale gym, Equinox.

Although I think my enthusiasm may have resulted in something rather unfortunate happening with my left knee (hoping this is simply rampant hypochondria), the programme overall has been completely transforming - in fourteen hours of exercise, I've dropped an entire dress size, and have proper arm muscles. Rome not built in a day and all that, but it's interesting to see what can be achieved just with three hours of exercise a week. Anyway, I'm still writing it all up for Harper's Bazaar - you can read part three here and then part four, in which I'm rather dreading the end of the programme

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