Monday 16 November 2009


As I was saying to a friend of mine at the weekend, the problem with men is that one can't often tell very much about them from first sight - really, they should be bar-coded like biscuits, and one should be able to scan them for quality and (emotional) price.

I expect someone inventive will soon have something like that for the iPhone, but in the meantime we'll have to make do with the tried, tested and trusted advice of the planets: here's what I think you can tell about a man from his starsign.

How to spot one: Always at the centre of the room, holding court. Tells anecdotes. Aspires to being a raconteur. Usually has good hair
Good at: Making you feel like the sun just came out. Bask in the warmth of his personality
Worst habit: Not noticeably liberated. Very keen that he’s the actor and you’re the audience
Most likely to say: ‘Oh yes, I’ve been there, but I stayed at the [insert name of eleven thousand star hotel]. I hear the [insert name of the crummy B&B you went to] is very nice though’
How to play him: Flattery will get you everywhere
Reliability rating: ***** Extremely loyal
Romance rating: *** Generous and keen to impress. Good at fancy cocktails in smart bars and pretty trinkets
Sex rating: *** Very performance orientated – don’t forget to applaud

How to spot one: Neat creases ironed in his jeans, bitten fingernails from all that worrying. Concerned look. Organised wallet. Nice manners
Good at: Evolving – he’s very big on self-improvement. You can train him not to leave the loo-seat up in less than twenty-four hours
Worst habit: Will also try to improve you. It’s quite tedious when someone wants to change you, particularly when they say it’s because they can see your potential
Most likely to say: ‘I’m only saying this for your own good’
How to play him: Listen to his advice and look like you’re taking it seriously. He prefers practical presents and gestures
Reliability rating:** Changes his mind as often as the weather
Romance rating: *** Very good at remembering when he said he’d phone. One of the very few men to believe in putting things in a diary
Sex rating: *** Ultra-fastidious, so not for the unwaxed. Someone who remembers that the devil’s in the detail. Expects you to write a letter thanking him for having you.

How to spot one: charming and good-looking. Often to be found acting cool and cultured in chic restaurants and art galleries
Good at: long-term relationships rather than brief flings
Worst habit: Refuses to argue, which is plate-throwingly infuriating
Most likely to say: ‘If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?’
How to play him: Hire a stylist and a personal trainer, and always get up before he does to put your makeup back on. Libra men can be a little too appearance conscious
Reliability rating: *** As long as it doesn’t put him out of his way, and as long as you don’t let yourself go, you’re fine
Romance rating: *****Deeply, deeply smooth. The man for whom candlelit dinners were invented
Sex rating: ** Lazy, so makes you go on top, which then gives you massive anxiety about droopy boobs and remembering to hold your stomach in.

How to spot one: His X-ray eyes strip you to the bone: he doesn’t know it’s rude to stare
Good at: Sex – he’s very talented
Worst habit: Jealousy and possessiveness. He may be cool on the outside, but don't flaunt old - or current - flames
Most likely to say: Not much. He’s the strong, silent, staring type (no, don’t call the police)
How to play him: He’s into power-games – let him think he’s in charge
Reliability rating: **** Exceptionally loyal, but if you break up, he’ll never forgive you
Romance rating:*** Big on brooding intensity and drama. Is it just me, or does that sound the tiniest bit tiring?
Sex rating:***** Oh dear. He’ll spoil you for everyone else. Too rude, too fabulous.

How to spot one: An endearing combination of optimism and clumsiness, he’s the one who knocks his glass of wine all over you
Good at: Adventure – he’ll encourage you to do mad things you’d never do off your own bat
Worst habit: Doesn’t know the difference between honesty and tactlessness
Most likely to say: 'Er, yes, actually, your bum looks enormous in those jeans'
How to play him: Respect his independence
Reliability rating: * A risk-taker who may not think twice about gambling with your heart
Romance rating: **** Even the most basic model is generous, cheerful and impulsive
Sex rating: *** Values quantity above quality. Enthusiastic, yet lacking in technical merit.

How to spot one: he’s the sign most likely to wear a jacket: even if he doesn't look like a Captain of Industry, he'll have a distinct air of gravitas
Good at: Getting serious. Capricorns are rarely commitment phobic
Worst habit: Career will always be his priority – he treats his blackberry as if it were a tamagotchi that has to be kept alive with constant attention
Most likely to say: ‘Darling, I’m afraid I’m stuck in this meeting’.
How to play him: Don’t look too enthusiastic – he’s the one who you should treat mean to keep him keen
Reliability rating: ***** Accept his work comes first and you couldn’t wish for a more constant consort
Romance rating: **** If he sets his sights on you, he won’t give up until you’re his. Buys extremely decent presents
Sex rating: ***** He’s determined to excel in every area of his life, including you.

How to spot one: He’s the one keen to get inside your head, rather than in your pants. Slightly odd fashion-sense – either out-there trendy or, well, just badly dressed
Good at: Creating a truly equal relationship – he genuinely wants you to be yourself (as long as your true self isn’t clingy and emotional)
Worst habit: Emotionally illiterate. Even Mr Spock had more EQ
Most likely to say: ‘You’re just being irrational’
How to play him: Be challenging and ballsy, always phone when you’ve said you will. Never, ever cry or sulk
Reliability rating: ** Does what he likes, when he likes.
Romance rating: ** Doesn’t expect to have to treat the relationship like some kind of kitten that needs nurturing and fluffy ickle babba talk. If he’s said he likes you, he likes you – why do you need to hear it twice?
Sex rating: ***** Inventive. Experimental. Unshockable. Don’t let him near the fruit basket.

How to spot one: Acts tough with the guys and sensitive with the girls, merging chameleon-like into his environment
Good at: Being sensitive and romantic – he’ll give you a spritz of Eau d’Empathy at every opportunity
Worst habit: Escapism – loves a romantic fantasy, not always troubled by telling the truth
Most likely to say: ‘I’ve found this poem that describes exactly how I feel about you’
How to play him: Trust him as far as you can throw him – Pisces is ruled by Neptune, planet of deception
Reliability rating:** Just as you feel the relationship might be going somewhere, he’ll drift away
Romance rating: ***** If you’re cynical, you’ll think he’s watched far too many soppy films. Otherwise, expect to be carried away by the sheer force of his poetry
Sex rating: ***** His imagination would make a Swedish porn movie seem tame. Book the chiropractor – he’s bound to put your back out.

How to spot one: Hunt one down at the gym, preferably playing some kind of competitive sport
Good at: Winning – once he feels you’re the prize, he won’t stop til he’s got you
Worst habit: Appallingly impatient. Won’t wait, even for five minutes. Not even during a tube strike
Most likely to say: ‘I love you’. Ten minutes after you meet.
How to play him: He loves the thrill of the chase, so always leave him wanting
Reliability rating: **** As long as you make him feel he’s number one, he’ll come back for more
Romance rating: *** Fantastic when he’s in pursuit, pretty pants once he’s made the conquest
Sex rating: *** Aries men will try anything once. And twice if they like it.

How to spot one: Looks strong, handsome, manly. Rarely badly dressed.
Good at: Creating an entire shelving unit out of some mystery IKEA flatpack, unblocking the lav, cooking dinner, sex
Worst habit: Pedantic. Stubborn. Mulish.
Most likely to say: ‘I can bring my toolkit round if there’s anything you need fixing’
How to play him: Cook for him at the earliest opportunity – the way to a Taurean’s heart is through his stomach
Reliability rating: **** Oh God, so reliable. And tenacious. Taureans are like porridge – easy to make, nutritious, but a devil to get off the pan once you’ve done
Romance rating: ***** Believes in men being men, women being women, and is good at buying presents. What’s not to like?
Sex rating: **** A sexual gourmet with an insatiable appetite and earthy tastes. But once he’s discovered what works, he’s reluctant to alter the routine.

How to spot one: Simultaneous use of iPhone and Blackberry. Fidgety. Outrageous flirt. Constant checking of Twitter.
Good at: Making you laugh and being terrific company. Gives good email, and sends saucy texts.
Worst habit: Gemini men always manage to look single. Especially at parties.
Most likely to say: ‘What are you thinking?’
How to play him: Be cool and amusing. Avoid laying any heavy emotional trips on him. Keep him guessing
Reliability rating: ** Forget it. Learn to love his unpredictability
Romance rating: *** Great at Cary Grant-style flirty quips and compliments. Always texts to say he misses you.
Sex rating: *** All gong and no dinner. Unless there’s an App for that too.

How to spot one: By his kind look and shy smile. Loves his mum. Thinks animals are cute. At work you’ll find him sulking in the kitchen
Good at: Hugging, stroking, getting in touch with his feminine side. He’s sensitive, sympathetic and understanding
Worst habit: Extreme moodiness – one minute it’s raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, the next he’s giving you the cold shoulder
Most likely to say: ‘If you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you’
How to play him: Look after him – deep down he’s quite needy
Reliability rating: ***** A real catch (whatever you think of the above) – he’s the best starsign for commitment
Romance rating: *** Sentimental rather than romantic – but wouldn’t you prefer a great husband and father to a tough action hero?
Sex rating: *** Exceptionally good at the post-coital bit: think plenty of cuddling followed by a nice cup of tea.

...cross dress: Aquarius - he can take his belief in gender equality a little too far
...commit: Scorpio - tops in the loyalty stakes
...jilt you at the altar: Sagittarius - 'they can't take away my freeeeeedom' at B&Q on a Sunday morning: Taurus - loves tools, but isn't one
...spoil you: Leo - loves to impress with expensive gifts a body fascist: Libra- break out the steamed vegetables a good dancer: Pisces - clear the dance-floor the housework: Virgo - bathrooms don't clean themselves, you know
...keep you in style: Capricorn - compensation for another dinner in the dog
...insist you watch the match: Aries - can't understand why you're not turned on by all the aggression
...take you for granted: Gemini - you're there to provide the entertainment, not him his mum more than you: Cancer - she's the most important woman in his life, and don't you forget it


Insomniac Mummy said...

It seems I'd better keep a close eye on my wardrobe with my Aquarian....

So Lovely said...

Gosh - which one to choose? I think I've probably gone out with at least one of each. The only one, judging from your list I would probably avoid from now on, is Mr Cancer Man. Not interested in playing 2nd fiddle to his mother - I have my limits.

Mrs Jones said...

I have had only 3 serious men in my life - 2 Geminis and the current Mr J who is a Capricorn. I'm struggling to make either of my Geminis fit many of your indicators but the Capricorn is pretty much right on the nail!

Wildernesschic said...

Very good I am married to a Capricorn .. My Father was Aries so true lol and my ex was Libra always find Librans sexy they always have the best style .. spot on Mrs T

Marie said...

Ha ha, love this. Can you do a star sign match? So we can try and work out what star signs we would work best with. Or is this too much to ask...

Lewis William said...

As an Aries I am terribly competitive, but you won't find me at the gym!
Scarily accurate.

Little Brown Bird said...

That explains EVERYTHING about the Libran. Moving on swiftly.....

The City Road said...

Hilarious and frightening in equal measures. I am SO not telling you my birthday now, you'll just have to guess which astrological profile I was brought up as this coming weekend...

msmarmite lover said...

Spot on!
Very true about Aquarian men being most likely to cross dress. I've been to a few S&M clubs and you'd think it'd be full of pervy Scorps but no, it's overwhelmingly Aquarian.
This is because Aquarians think it's almost selfish to keep your sex life to yourself, share it with the community!
In terms of transits, watch out for the following:
Now with Pluto going into Capricorn, all those men and women in early Cap,Cancer, Aries and Libra are in a bit of a funk,doing much thinking,wondering whether to change their lives.
If they don't, life will spring some challenges...
So who is there for me? The men in my life have occured in spates: had a big spate of moon in pisces, sun in pisces types last year, as neptune sextiled my jup conj venus in sag.It meant that I was attracting neptunian piscean types, unreliable, alcoholic, dreamers....
Kind of given up at the moment. :(

mothership said...

My Libran is not running true to form. I'd better check he's not looking at my wobbly bits with a critical eye when I'm not paying attention.
Frankly rather nervous, now.
PS did have a scorpio for a number of years that was SPOT ON your analysis.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the advice comes too late. A year after meeting my Pisces, I was in hospital having my spine screwed back together.

Amelia said...

Wow - spot on in my case. Tried out a few, but yes, Cancerians are a damn good, calm, committed, catch (what a breath of fresh air after some of the others, or should I say, wave of calm water! ;)

One thing I would say though: SKULKING in the kitchen as opposed to sulking in the kitchen. Mine's a chef - what can I say? Typical Cancerian eh?

Love 'em.


SabinePsynopsis said...

Great fun! Do the same astrologic criteria apply to us girls?

Steerforth said...

If only it was true. I'm a Pisces and my dancing style resembles Prince Charles doing a John Travolta impression.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, doesn't seem to apply in my husband's case, I'm afraid. I will forward this post to a male member of my team though, who I have just discovered hasn't dated since 2003. Perhaps he should change his star sign.

MommyHeadache said...

Ha ha brilliant, yes my husband is aquarian and is always saying "you're just being irrational." So what I always say, "They're still my feelings irrational or not!"

The Spicers said...


westendmum said...

So this is what star f***ing means.

Thank goodness I got a couple of ***** sex ratings in before I settled for the ***** commitment one!

The next girls night topic of conversation will be ‘so how many signs have you had’!

Riveting reading - more please!!!

Kate Lord Brown said...

Yes, so true - tools, toys my Taurean loves to play ...

soodie :: said...

eerie and accurate. and a good reminder.


very true !

Sophie Gridley said...

Brilliant! I have successfully managed to identify the star signs of many males in my phone book by your descriptions. Hilarious and fabulous.

Lexi said...

Mrs Trefusis, this is how you scored (going by my limited experience):

Scorpio: 3/10
Loyal? *bitter laugh* Mine left me holding the baby, literally.

Aries: 0/10
I don't recognize my ex-Aries here at all. Early in bed, late everywhere else, he was.

Virgo: 10/10 Spot on. I still miss him and his pernickety little ways...

Unknown said...

I'm impressed Mrs T - haven't you been busy doing research?

Helena xx

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