Friday, 22 January 2010


I'm delighted to report that the Tiniest Trefusis and I are now nit-free - we tried a combination of the wonderful suggestions that came pouring in (thank you, internits!). I was particularly interested to try the mayonnaise cure, but Mr Trefusis finished the last of the Hellmann's on his sandwiches before I could annex it for nit-smothering purposes.

However, it seems that constant vigilance is the key in the war against the horrid little pest, and lest I let down my anti-nit defences, I'm going to invest in this cautionary print from the fabulous Jason Freeny and display it prominently chez Trefusis.

In case nits aren't your thing - though from the number of comments on the last post it's hardly a niche interest - take a look at the equally wonderful Gingerbread Man Dissected.

Many thanks to India Knight for sending me Jason's Cootie picture, and to Jason himself for kindly giving me permission to reproduce his work for this post: do visit his website and have a look for yourself at his clever and quirky prints.


Style At Every Age said...

I can't believe your own lovely locks were running alive with the little beggars. I had them once when the girls were little, utter nightmare, I used to sit on the commuter coach to London worrying the person behind me might see them on my head, it was awful!

Anonymous said...

Not have to worry about other people seeing them is a (perhaps dubious) benefit of being a brunette!!

I did let my guard down and forget to do a weekly session occasionally only to find the damn things rampant again. But perhaps I am just a slovenly mother. Good luck

westendmum said...

Oh God, another delight to look forward to!
WEM xx

Miss Welcome said...

YAY! Nit-free, how nifty. :o)

Steerforth said...

Well, if you do try the Hellman's, it will certainty give a new meaning to "Egg Mayonnaise".

Cassiopeia said...

Absolutely awesome posters - thanks for sharing! I really don't miss the wonders of nit combs... Ah, memories of childhood!