Thursday, 17 May 2012


I discovered Roger & Gallet Huile Sublime Bois D'Orange quite by accident and it's divine - it's a very light spray oil that apparently can be used for hair, face and body (I've only been brave enough to use it on the latter). Very easily absorbed, it smells tantalisingly of a sultry afternoon in Provence and is deliciously moisturising, giving skin a silky, wealthy sheen.

Roger & Gallet was a super chic brand when I was a child (I still remember envying my Grandmother's carnation soap), and I think it still retains a lot of cachet in its native France, but their products are not especially easy to get in the UK, other than in independent chemists. I have a feeling that John Lewis may also stock some of the range. Anyway, if you want Huile Sublime, feelunique have it on their website for £23 and although it's not cheap, I like it even more than the iconic Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse that seems to be the gold standard in luxe body oils.


Sarah said...

I completely agree, this is gorgeous stuff, and the brand is very underrated outside France. They are about to launch a version of this that has a gentle sparkle to it which will be fabulous for summer - so even more like the Nuxe, only cheaper!

westendmum said...

Sounds divine, I shall definitely be trying some, anything to transport one back to Provence!

Unknown said...

I adore anything citrus-flavoured. But how would you use it for your hair? Perhaps in sunnier climes…? We have a great independent chemist in Crouch End which has a fantastic array of products. (I spend far too much time & money there) I'll see if they stock this. A perfect present for my Provence-loving mother too!
Helena xx

Rose said...

I remember R&G being quite the thing when I was little too- I'm a great fan of the Nuxe oil but now very keen to try this- and any excuse to go and rummage in independent chemists is good for me

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information on this product, I have just ordered it through 'Feel Unique' and online store and the price was £18.00 with no delivery charge.