Sunday 23 November 2014


'He's not all fur, is he ?' Back in February the vet mentioned that Marmalade was a little on the robust side. Now, nine months later, Marmalade weighs as much as an adult fox - at home, he is fed the right amount of food, but he has a well-developed network of friends in the neighbourhood and is canny enough to charm treats from each of them. 
The vet recommended getting a collar for him with 'Please don't feed me, I'm a diabetic' printed in it (not diabetic yet but will be if he carries on like this).
How on earth does one put a cat on a diet?


donna baker said...

I believe it is genetics. My weenie, Sister, was heavy but my other weenie, who ate the same, was small. Sister now has diabetes and it has been an ordeal. She is now blind, but we have an appointment this week with an animal opthalmologist to rectify it. Bottom line, it is very expensive and all you can do is make sure kitty has lots of play time, with a laser toy etc.

Alicia Foodycat said...

As Donna says - I think it is genetics! Urchin eats like a horse (or like a very hungry cat) but she stays skinny. I eat proportionally less than her and yet remain fat.

Cinderellen said...

But who is going to search out the collar tag with the warning before feeding the poor kitty? Not a great solution, I think.