Sunday 23 November 2014

Stir Up Sunday

“Stir up, we beseech thee, O Lord, the wills of your faithful people.”

Father K may well have preached on that at this morning's service but I'm afraid I overslept and didn't get there. I only learned it was Stir-up Sunday from twitter and was already in the middle of making my cake. Stir- Up Sunday is when one is supposed to make one's Christmas pudding - it probably has some special date in the church calendar like Mothering Sunday - the fifth Sunday before the new moon before Christmas, or something  - no one really eats Christmas Pudding chez Trefusis because we're always too stuffed after lunch so all we bother with is a teaspoon each of a 'Christmas Pudding For One' from Waitrose for tradition and for the larks of setting fire to it. 
So, anyway, going to the bother of making a proper pudding would be a terrible waste of effort - so I make the Christmas cake on Stir-up Sunday instead, which is so full of brandy by the time it's time to ice it, it would probably last til Whitsun.

The Tiniest Trefusis decided to help me this year. She likes to get into character for serious things like Christmas cake making (don't put your daughter on the stage, Me's Worthington) and so she is dressed as a 'Christmas Kitten'. Her approach to measuring ingredients was as full of whimsy as the costume might suggest - I'll have to move the photos around when on a proper computer but at least two of these feature the Tiniest Trefusis' 'wishing face'... It looks so focused and devout she must be wishing for a miracle.

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