Tuesday, 27 January 2015

S.J.Watson at The Books That Built Me

My next guest at The Books That Built Me is SJ Watson, author of the smash hit, Before I Go To Sleep, to celebrate the publication of his second novel, Second Life.

Every bit as gripping as his first, Second Life tells the story of Julia, a woman  whose obsession with tracking down her beloved sister's killer leads her to put the comfortable life she's built  at enormous risk. I can't possibly say more without plot spoilers, but I read Second Life through in a single sitting, desperate to find out how Julia will navigate the many twists and turns of the plot, and I'm sure i won't be alone in finding it utterly compelling.

Watson has quickly established himself as a major player in the art of the psychological thriller, but came to writing later in life, having first had a successful career as an audiologist. The game-changer was being accepted onto the Faber and Faber writing course in 2009 where he honed the book that would become Before I Go To Sleep. His success is not only utterly well-deserved, he is also a huge inspiration to all aspiring authors.

I have had a sneak peek at his book choices for the salon, and they're every bit as original and fascinating as his novels - he promises to be a wonderful guest.

To book for the salon on 24th February, click here or click the big blue 'Books that Built Me' logo on the right to take you to the eventbrite page. 

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