Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Every month, I get together with a group of like-minded women for breakfast. 

We call it Lima Bravo Bravo, because Ladies Business Breakfast sounded really dreadful, and I couldnt think of anything catchier.

It's a wonderfully eclectic group - creatives, artists, PR's, journo's - all interesting and interested, supportive, and nourishing, and I always leave with soaring spirits, full of admiration for what each of the members has achieved in the weeks since we last met, though each will shrug it off and say 'it's nothing'. 

My former editor at Harper's Bazaar, Justine Picardie, always used to say that when you bring women together, wonderful things happen, and that's absolutely true of Lima Bravo Bravo. 

This morning we were hosted by the Institute of Directors at their glorious HQ in Pall Mall. I have it in my head that the IOD was founded by a woman: I hope I haven't made that up, it's rather a wonderful thought. 


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Unknown said...

Love idea of Lima Bravo Bravo!