Thursday, 1 January 2015

Trefusis Minor & His Sensible Friends

The Infant Trefusii had a clutch of friends to play today -  Trefusis Towers is an absolute pigsty so I'm more than happy for hoards of the little blighters to rampage like Visigoths, though my experience is that they're, without exception, blissfully polite and well-behaved and ready with the old P's & Q's.

Trefusis Minor,lui-meme, is a very law-abiding soul (though of course this may change over-night, when, like a Gremlin splashed with water, he hits puberty, and turns into a Lynx-spraying, grunting BigFoot). So it shouldn't surprise me that his mates are similarly health and safety.

My sister, who's brought Lucky St James round to join the fray, has a chat with one Lorenzo, about his favourite cars.

'So, Lorenzo, what have you got your eye on?' She asks.

'I'd really like an Audi A5.' He says.

'Really?' She replies, quickly googling it to make sure she hasn't confused it with something sportier, 'are you sure you wouldn't rather an R8? They look rather fun.'

'London is not a racetrack,' says Lorenzo, reprovingly, 'and the R8's fuel economy is very poor.'

Very sensible, these West London ten year olds. They'll be advising us to pay down our mortgages next.

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